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Uganda SIM Highlights
  • $14.50 (USH 25000) starter airtime credit
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • A local cell phone number in Uganda
  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • SMS
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

If you plan on visiting Uganda any time soon, don’t take off without a prepaid SIM card. The Uganda SIM card provides a simple, convenient, and affordable way for any traveler to make and receive those all-important calls while abroad.

The prepaid SIM card for Uganda is a practical option for using your existing world phone as a prepaid Uganda cell phone while you’re in the country at a better rate than you’d pay for a Uganda cell phone rental. It’s also a trouble-free ticket to using the same options that the Ugandans themselves use—the local Ugandan cell phone system. The SIM chip, combined with an unlocked GSM World cell phone, helps you keep the lines of communication open without being burdened by high international roaming surcharges applicable when you use your “home” SIM card abroad. You’ll likewise enjoy the benefit of SMS text messaging, voicemail, call waiting, a local cell phone number in Uganda, and FREE incoming calls. The prepaid feature gives you complete control over your costs, and with our low domestic and international calling rates, having a cell phone in Uganda is affordable for all. Access to customer service from your Uganda cellular phone is available 24 hour a day, so you’ll always have assistance with any unexpected issues or questions about your calls. No yearly contract, monthly charges, or credit check is involved.

Your Uganda SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked GSM cell phone that supports the 900 and 1800 frequencies. If you do not have your own international cell phone, we have several models available for your consideration. Please click here for more information.


Airtime Rates

Domestic calls

Domestic rates are per minute for outgoing calls within Uganda while you are in Uganda. All incoming calls, regardless of where they originate, are completely free!

All SMS text messages (domestic and international) are USH 105 ($0.06 USD) each.


International calls

International calls from your world cell phone have never been easier with your prepaid Uganda SIM card. All calling rates are charged per minute for international outgoing calls while you’re in Uganda.

UK, Europe, North America India / UAE East Africa South Africa Rest of the World
USH 1,600
($0.94 USD)
USH 1,600
($0.94 USD)
USH 900
($0.53 USD)
USH 1,600
($0.94 USD)
USH 2,200
($1.29 USD)



Adding Airtime

The Uganda SIM card package will include a USH 5000 ($5 USD) airtime voucher. Additional airtime is available through the purchase of airtime vouchers. These vouchers are available in the following USH denominations: 5000 , 10000, 20000 and 40000. Airtime vouchers are available locally in Uganda at local Tabac shops, convenience stores, gas stations and Celtel shops.


To add the voucher, simply scratch off the gray protective layer to reveal your voucher code. When typed into the keypad of your international cell phone the voucher will credit your SIM card the respective dollar denomination you purchased.

Remember you do not need to purchase another SIM card when your airtime balance is depleted; you only need a recharge voucher! Incoming calls are always completely free, even when you run out of airtime.

Service Life

To keep your SIM card active simply make an outgoing call, send an outgoing SMS or add airtime every 90 days. If your account remains dormant for 90 days, your Uganda mobile phone number will be recycled and any remaining airtime will be forfeit. To get connected again you will be required to purchase a new SIM card. The validity period begins the day you arrive in Uganda and turn on your cell phone.

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