Prepaid SIM Cards – Buy SIM Cards For Travel Worldwide

What is a SIM Card?

A SIM card is a small chip that contains information about your phone service, such as your phone number, user ID, billing information and rate plan, and authorizes you to make calls on a network. All GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) handsets require a SIM card – your handset’s interchangeable memory. This means you can make and receive calls on any unlocked handset to your SIM card’s telephone number. Changing or upgrading your handset is as easy as inserting your SIM card into your new phone.

Prepaid SIM cards are GREAT for travellers and here’s why?

Prepaid plans offer a great deal more flexibility than a contract, which is essential when you are travelling, whether your travel is for just five days or for three months. Most of the GSM world, which also incorporates Europe, is on prepaid plans. Prepaid SIM cards allow you to call home without any monthly bills or contracts. Removing these obligations allows you to have much more control over managing your phone usage.

Prepaid SIM cards: Local vs. Global?

If you are visiting just one country and spending a lot of time there, then you can buy a local SIM card for that country before you leave home. This will give you a local number for the country you are visiting, offering the same call rates the locals enjoy. However, calling internationally can be expensive and if you travel to another country your local-country SIM card may not work at all or will be prohibitively more expensive if it is even available.

Global SIM cards are great for multi-country and/or short duration itineraries. They usually offer cheaper international rates particularly to the US over local SIM cards (but not always so check the rates). If you are visiting more than one country, will be making international calls to home or international calls to other countries while you are travelling, a roaming SIM card will offer cheaper international calls and will save you a lot of beer money. There are a number of options for multi-country SIM cards depending on the types of calls you will make.

Roaming SIM Card

So you can save money on your international calls while travelling with a global SIM card that’s made just for roaming, but how much will the calls cost and which kind of roaming SIM card is the right one for you? Calling rates usually change from country to country, so find the card whose rates are best for your country. Many roaming SIM cards have free incoming calls, but some cards offer cheaper outgoing calls with a per minutes charge to receive calls. You also need to consider the purchase price of your SIM card.

The SIM card choices below each offer added conveniences such as Voicemail, Auto-Recharge, so you’ll never run out of credit, 24/7 Customer Support if you have any questions, a UK +44 or Estonia +372 mobile phone number, web login to view call charges and recharge receipts online and no contract obligations or minimum spend.


Passport Service

The Passport SIM card is the perfect “no hassles” choice for your international calling. You can call from over 60 countries to a landline phone from just $0.49 USD a minute and it’s FREE to receive calls in those same 60 countries! Europe and most of the world’s popular vacation destinations are covered.

Passport Plus Passport Plus Service

The Passport Plus SIM card is great if you travel frequently or will be calling home often. While you are charged to receive calls, this SIM offers some of the lowest international roaming rates available from just $0.29 USD a minute.

Passport Lite Passport Lite Service

The Passport Lite SIM card is a simple and reliable roaming SIM that comes in well below the cost of most other roaming SIM cards. It is perfect if you don’t anticipate making frequent calls throughout your trip but would like a convenient and ready mobile solution available if you do wish to make calls. This also provides a Toll-Free Service which lets your family and friends call you at no charge to them. The first 30 minutes of this service are free of charge for you and just $0.49 USD per minute afterwards.

Explorer Explorer Service

This international SIM card offers maximum coverage in 144 countries including traditional CDMA countries Japan and South Korea through the newer 3G standard (on 3G handsets only). Combine this SIM card with your world phone and you can also send free SMS from your computer, with a flat outgoing SMS rate from all destinations of $0.40USD


Local SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM cards for individual countries are available to purchase for most countries before you arrive. Local SIM cards are great if you plan on working, studying or holidaying for a long period of time as they give you a local number to distribute to new friends. You receive local calling rates, a local number and free incoming calls in most countries. Keep in mind, if you are planning on travel to other destinations as part of your itinerary, then you may also want to add a roaming SIM card. If you’re in Europe there’s plenty to see, so weekend breaks and short international trips are too easy to pass up. Save yourself from those midnight payphone runs and searching for loose change, because our roaming service is designed just for this purpose and will save buckets.



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