Passport Plus SIM Card

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

The Telestial Passport Plus SIM card is perfect for those who travel frequently and use their GSM world phone often. The Passport Plus roams in over 90 countries world wide, and has calling rates as low as $0.29 per minute. Perfect for the business traveler, the Passport Plus features free call forwarding when you are home and the Passport Plus SIM card is not in use. You can log into your Passport Plus account anytime and keep track of your call history and airtime balance. There is no need to worry about running out of airtime with this SIM card, as it offers an Auto-Recharge system, automatically adding airtime to your balance when it runs low. With some of the lowest calling rates available for a roaming SIM card, the Passport Plus SIM card is the ideal SIM card for the recurrent world traveler.

Activating Your Service

Your phone numbers and PIN are printed on the enclosed letter. Please read the letter carefully and keep in a safe place. Your service is already active for you. When you receive your package, you should:

  1. Check that the SIM card is correctly inserted and secure.
    * The SIM card is already inserted into your phone if you ordered one. The SIM card is the small chip card located in the back of the phone. It allows you to connect to the network.
  2. Attach the fully charged battery to the phone.
  3. Turn the phone on.
    * Refer to your handset user guide on how to turn it on.
  4. To make calls outside the United States enter 1 followed by the 4-digit PIN and press OK. To make calls in the United States enter 2 followed by the 4-digit PIN and press OK.

    * When the phone registers with an available network (this will take 30-120 seconds) it is ready for use.
    * To make an outgoing call, simply dial the country code (1 for the US/Canada) and phone number and then press the [SEND] key. You will then receive an incoming call. Simply answer the call and wait for your party to be connected.
    * Your PIN code is a four digit code printed on the plastic credit card sized SIM card and on the enclosed letter.
    * Please enter the PIN correctly. The service will be blocked if the PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times. If your SIM is blocked you will have to contact Customer service to unblock it.

  5. Click here at anytime to add more call time or manage your account.

Customer Support

For assistance using your Passport SIM card please dial 154 [SEND].


To access your voicemail, simply dial 121 [SEND]. The messages will be played in order of last received. Voicemail is automatically enabled. An inbound caller will be directed to voicemail if the call is not answered within 30 seconds, if the phone is switched off or if there is no coverage. A text message will be sent to notify you of a new voicemail.

Balance Inquiry

To check your available airtime balance, simply dial 187 [SEND]. The account balance will be sent in a text message. There is no charge to use this service.

Recharge Minutes

To add additional airtime to your account, simply dial 191 [SEND]. You will be connected to our automated recharge system. Please have your credit card available. There is no charge to use this service.

Toll-Free Service

Toll-Free Service lets your family and friends call you at no charge to themselves. To call you, they simply dial a toll-free access number that you provide to them and then enter your phone number. Their call will be forwarded to your mobile phone. They will not be charged. Your account will be charged a $0.39 USD surcharge (per minute) for all incoming calls using this feature.

To enable Toll-Free Forwarding, simply dial 373 [SEND]

To disable Toll-Free Forwarding, simply dial 282 [SEND]

Auto-Recharge Service

Auto-recharge automatically recharges your account with USD$30 when your balance falls below USD$5. The automatic recharge is instantaneous and you receive a text message when it occurs.

You can enable or disable the Auto-Recharge service at any time by signing into your account online or by calling Customer Service. You can also change the minimum balance and the charge amount.

To enable, dial 171 [SEND]

To disable, dial 393 [SEND]

Call Forwarding

Calls to your phone number may be forwarded to another phone number. Your account will be charged $0.39 USD per minute when using this service. Standard outgoing call surcharges apply (see below).

To enable this service, simply dial 102+ followed by the country code and phone number (for example 102+18582742686) where calls should be directed, and then press [SEND].

To disable this service, simply dial 103 [SEND]

Airtime Rates

International Calls

The Passport PLUS SIM Card offers some of the lowest airtime rates available anywhere!

All rates quoted in US dollars. You are billed in 1 minute increments. A connection fee does not apply.
* The cost of calling a cell phone in the United States and Canada is the same as calling a landline.
§ A USD 35c connection fee applies to each call made or received.
¶ There is a 19c per minute surcharge to receive calls on your US +1 number in all countries (except the United States and Canada).
» It costs 10c per text message to receive text messages on your US +1 number in all countries.
^ In the United States you must enter 2 followed by the PIN when turning your phone on. Failure to do this will result in you being charged higher rates.
** Service in Japan & South Korea is only available if your cell phone supports 3G (2100).
- There is a $0.35 USD per minute surcharge when you make a call to a mobile phone (does not apply when calling to a US or Canadian cell phone).
- Additional surcharges apply when calling certain countries. Please click here for more information.
- Additional surcharges apply when calling certain countries. Please click here for more information.

Your Passport PLUS SIM card can roam on multiple networks within a single country.

For example, in England there are 5 networks and in Italy there are 4 networks. With your Passport PLUS SIM card, you can actually switch between these networks to get the best/strongest network and your airtime rate always remains the same. This is a GSM thing (thank the Europeans, seriously) and it is a very powerful feature of global roaming SIM cards for international travel.

So if you’re getting a weak signal or having trouble completing an outgoing call, simply switch networks. This will require you to know how to use the Network feature of your cell phone so crack open that manual (if you haven’t already thrown it out) and find out where and how to change Networks with your prepaid SIM card. It only takes a minute to do once you know where this feature on your global phone menu is located.

Adding Airtime

Buying more calling time is simple. Use your American Express, Mastercard or VISA card to add USD $30, $50, $100, $150 or $200 to your account.

1. Online

  1. Simply visit

2. Call from a land line or pay phone

  1. Dial the toll free access number for the country you are in. These are listed on the plastic card accompanying your SIM card.
  2. Enter your phone number then press the hash key
  3. Press 1 to recharge using the Self-service phone menu
  4. Follow the voice prompts to recharge your account

3. With your Passport PLUS cell phone

  1. Dial 191 from your phone
  2. Press the Answer key and wait for the call back
  3. Press the Answer key to answer the call
  4. Press 1 to recharge using the Self-service phone menu
  5. Follow the voice prompts to recharge your account

Service Life

You must recharge minutes at least once every fifteen (15) months or your SIM card will be permanently deactivated. Access to your online account and travel journal will not be blocked.

You must use a charged service (such as making a call, or sending a text message), or recharge within any six (6) month period, otherwise your remaining credit will expire. If you do not purchase additional credit at the time of purchase or recharge within one (1) month of the initial use of the service, any remaining initial included credit balance will expire (this is the credit balance that comes included with the SIM card excluding promotions that include more than $20 call credit).

The full credit balance (including any remaining initial included call credit) will be automatically re-instated if you recharge your account within fifteen (15) months of last use, or purchase a new SIM card from Customer Service after fifteen (15) months.

After 2 months of inactivity your US number may be changed when you go to use it again. If it has changed you will receive the new US number via text message. You can ensure that you retain your US number indefinitely by paying 50c per month. Simply visit, click on the ‘Get US number’ menu option, enter your number and PIN, and click on the ‘Keep Number’ button (in the Account status section).

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