Explorer SIM Card

Explorer SIM Card

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

The Explorer SIM card is a simple, cost-effective prepaid service option for seamless international roaming in over 130 countries. Among many other advantages this SIM card are the FREE incoming calls at the most popular destinations and the same low outgoing call rates to mobile phones and land lines, starting at $0.45 USD per minute. Many other global roaming SIM cards often have a significant surcharge when calling to a cell phone but not with the Explorer SIM. When coupled with an international GSM cell phone, your prepaid international SIM card allows you to call friends, family, colleagues and clients with one international phone number from your own cellular phone.

Like most global roaming SIM cards the Explorer SIM is a perfect fit for multi-country, short duration itineraries. The Explorer’s rates are so low, that it is often a superior alternative to local prepaid SIM cards in countries where it offers free incoming calls.

The Explorer SIM Card can receive incoming text messages for free!

Activating Your Service

When you receive your Explorer SIM card, follow these steps to begin using your phone.

  • Activate your Explorer SIM card online at the Account Manager
  • Once you have registered your Explorer SIM card, click on the “Auto-Recharge” tab and follow the instructions to enable the Auto-Recharge service (optional)
  • Insert the Explorer prepaid SIM card into the mobile phone*
  • Be sure that battery is charged
  • Turn on your phone
  • You are now ready to make and receive calls**

*You will need to snap out the thumbnail sized chip along the perforated edge of its holder and then insert the prepaid SIM card into your international cell phone with the gold contacts of the Global SIM card facing the metal contacts of your international cellular phone.

**When calling from the United States to your Global cellular phone number callers will need to dial 011 followed by your Explorer cell phone number. To make an outgoing call from your global roaming SIM card, simply dial the “+” followed by the country code and phone number. As an example, to call Telestial you would dial “+” 1 858 274 3686. For international calls to your Explorer SIM card caller may want to sign up for our usage based calling card.

Airtime Rates

International Calls

* In some parts of this country, you may need to send an SMS message to trigger the callback feature when making an outgoing call. Simply send an SMS to 9146 with the following message: *146*00 countrycode phonenumber #. Incoming calls are never effected.

*** Service in this country requires a 3G compatible phone, such as the Motorola C975.

Unlike most other Roaming SIM cards, the Explorer does NOT have a surcharge for calling to a cell phone, and it does NOT have a call-connection fee!

Toll Free Access Option

In addition to your international explorer phone number callers may also reach you via a US/Canada toll free 800 number (877-202-3800 or 888-935-4312), however when called via the toll free number explorer subscribers will be billed a $.35/min surcharge in addition to any incoming call cost. This optional service is provisioned with all Explorer SIM cards.

As a Verizon subscriber, even with international access turned on, you may not be able to dial an Explorer subscriber directly. Consider this a blessing because they would chargeyou a fortune. For the lowest rates, Verizon callers should use the toll-free number to reach Explorer subscribers.

Adding Airtime

You may purchase airtime credit for your Explorer SIM card in $25 increments . Airtime may be added manually by clicking on the link below or you may set your account to auto-recharge at www.telestial.com/explorer.

To check the airtime balance simply:

* Dial *146*099# and your balance will be displayed on the LCD of your handset. Your balance is also available online at www.telestial.com/explorer.

Service Life

Your Explorer SIM card will remain valid for 12-months and every time you add airtime your validity is extended for an additional 12-month period. If you do not recharge your SIM within any 12-months period then it will expire along with the phone number will be recycled and all remaining airtime credit will be forfeit.

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