Motorola Satellite Phones

Motorola Satellite Phones

Motorola is one of the best-known manufacturers of mobile phones, but the company’s history in telecommunications goes beyond simple cell phones. In fact, while there are more and more places around the world that are served (at least partially) by cell phone signals, there are still vast expanses of land and water that are well beyond the reach of ordinary cell towers – so Motorola created the first global communication network with a group of satellites which were used with some of the earliest satellite telephones.

Rather than keep the satellite phone enterprise under the Motorola name, the company chose to spin it off into another company called Iridium. The bulk of the phones which use Iridium’s field of satellites were Motorola satellite phones, but some Kyocera phones are also used as well. Iridium did not fare well as a company when it was first launched on its own, but it was then taken over by a new set of owners who face substantially lower start-up and maintenance costs – and with long-time customers like the U.S. Department of Defense, it looks like Iridium could do well this second time around.

As Iridium is such a major provider of satellite phone service, it is only fitting that Motorola satellite phones make up most of the phones which you can get to take advantage of Iridium’s service. The Kyocera phones you can buy are no longer made, though some used ones are available; if you want to buy new, however, you are looking at the selection of Motorola satellite phones. Unlike regular mobile phones, satellite phones do not come in countless shapes and sizes. In fact, Motorola only makes two models of satellite phones for use with Iridium’s service.

When you are looking for phones to use Iridium’s service, do not be surprised if you do not find any new phones bearing the Motorola brand name. All of the Motorola satellite phones which are made today are branded with the Iridium name – so if you are looking at an Iridium satellite phone, rest assured it is really a Motorola satellite phone. Even the model numbers are the same from the Motorola models!

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