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Hong Kong SIM Highlights
  • 100 HK ($13.00 USD) starter airtime credit
  • After first minute calls are charged at 6 second intervals
  • International calls to the US and Europe as low as $0.45 USD per minute
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

If you plan on visiting Hong Kong any time soon, don’t take off without a prepaid SIM card. The Hong Kong SIM card provides a simple, convenient, and affordable way for any traveler to make and receive those all-important calls while abroad.

The prepaid SIM card for Hong Kong is a practical option for using your existing world phone as a prepaid Hong Kong cell phone while you’re in the country at a better rate than you’d pay for a Hong Kong cell phone rental. It’s also a trouble-free ticket to using the same options that Hong Kong residents themselves use—the local Hong Kong cell phone system. The SIM chip, combined with an unlocked GSM World cell phone, helps you keep the lines of communication open without being burdened by high international roaming surcharges applicable when you use your “home” SIM card abroad. With our low domestic rates and charges for international calls to the US and Europe starting at just $0.45 USD per minute, as well as the prepaid feature which gives you complete control over your costs, having a cell phone in Hong Kong is affordable for all. You’ll save even more with our 6 second billing increments that apply after the first minute of using the service. Access to customer service from your Hong Kong cellular phone is available 24 hour a day, so you’ll always have assistance with any unexpected issues or questions about your calls. No yearly contract, monthly charges, or credit check is involved.

Your Hong Kong SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked GSM cell phone that supports the 900 and 1800 frequencies. If you do not have your own international cell phone, we have several models available for your consideration. Please click here for more information.

Airtime Rates

Domestic calls

All domestic calling rates are per minute for domestic outgoing calls from your local Hong Kong prepaid SIM card while in Hong Kong. All incoming calls are charged at the same rate as outgoing local calls.


International calls

International calls from your world cell phone have never been easier with your prepaid Hong Kong SIM card. All rates are charged per minute for international outgoing calls from your Hong Kong prepaid SIM card while are in Hong Kong. All incoming calls are charged at the same rate as outgoing local calls.

  USA Australia UK Japan Singapore
Peak 3.80 HK
($0.49 USD)
5.30 HK
($0.68 USD)
5.30 HK
($0.68 USD)
7.20 HK
($0.92 USD)

6.40 HK
($0.82 USD)

Off-Peak 2.10 HK
($0.27 USD)
3.50 HK
($0.45 USD)
3.20 HK
($0.41 USD)
5.50 HK
($0.70 USD)
5.60 HK
($0.72 USD)


Peak times: 7am – 10pm
Off-Peak times: 10pm – 7am

Adding Airtime

To add airtime to your Hong Kong SIM card, you can do one of the following:

  • Purchase a SmarTone Recharge Voucher at any SmarTone shop, 24 hour convenience store or authorized dealers. These recharge vouchers are valued at 200 HK or 300 HK.
  • Visit www.smartone.com.hk and choose “Stored Value SIM card” and then click “Recharge Methods.” Dial 18031 from your Hong Kong cell phone, only while in Hong Kong. The recharge value will be added to your SIM card balance instantly.
  • You may also recharge your SIM card via an ATM at the “JETCO” or “ETC” Terminals. Select “SmarTone,” enter your Hong Kong mobile phone number and follow the instructions to complete the recharge process. When using this method, the minimum recharge is 100 HK.

Service Life

The airtime balance on your Hong Kong SmarTone SIM card will expire 180 days from the activation date, all unused credit will be forfeit and nonrefundable. Your balance will be extended another 180 days every time you add a minimum amount of 100 HK ($12.80 USD) to your balance.

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