Dangers of Renting Phones Abroad

Dangers of Renting Phones Abroad

Can you rent a cell phone once you get where you’re going? Sure you can. But should you?

Until recently, renting a cellular phone for a trip abroad was only an option for traveler with loads of cash, or a businessperson with a company-paid expense account. That is because the per-minute charges on typical cell phone rentals are also in the neighborhood of $2 and up – sometimes more than $5 per minute. Unless you are Bill Gates, many travelers dismiss the idea of renting a cell phone, even though many of us would like to have the convenience and security of a cell phone when away from home.

While international cell phone rentals are available at most international airports and through many car rental companies for what appear to be reasonable prices, it is the high per-minute rates where these companies make their money. And don’t forget to read that fine print! In order to make money, the phone rental companies often put per-day minimums in place which means the user is charged for 3 to 5 minutes of calls per day – whether or not any calls were actually placed. The charges arrive on subsequent credit card bills and are rarely known in real time when there is still time to adjust the usage to keep the costs down. So you’ll end up coming home after your vacation, and while you’re still sorting through all the photos you took you’ll get an unwelcome surprise on your credit card bill.

With our cellular phone rentals, you will know exactly what your costs are up front – and any additional calling time you purchase is also a known expense at the time you’re buying it. This way, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs after the fact. Plus, you also don’t have to spend your precious vacation time hunting for a place to rent a cell phone, or worry about returning it before you fly home.

So, rather than being exploited by cell phone rental companies overseas, rent a local cell phone from us for use anywhere in the world, and still pay affordable local rates!

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