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Belgium SIM Highlights
  • US $15.00 starter airtime credit
  • A local Belgium cell phone number
  • FREE incoming calls
  • Voicemail / SMS (text messaging) / WAP
  • International roaming
  • Per second billing after the first minute
  • Choice of 3 prepaid tariff plans
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

If you plan on visiting Belgium any time soon, don’t take off without a prepaid SIM card. The Belgium SIM card provides a simple, convenient, and affordable way for any traveler to make and receive those all-important calls while abroad.

The Pay&Go Belgium prepaid SIM card is a trouble-free option for using your existing world phone as a prepaid Belgium cell phone while you’re in the country at a better rate than you’d pay for a Belgium cell phone rental. The SIM chip, combined with an unlocked GSM World cell phone, helps you keep the lines of communication open without being burdened by high international roaming surcharges applicable when you use your “home” SIM card abroad. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of $15 USD of starter airtime credit, SMS text messaging, voicemail, WAP, a local Belgium cell phone number, and free incoming calls. You will likewise have the option of choosing from 3 separate prepaid tariff plans, and your calls will only be billed by the second after the first minute. What’s more, you’ll have 24 hour a day access to customer service simply by dialing 555 from your Belgium cellular phone. No yearly contract, monthly charges, or credit check is involved.

Your Belgium SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked GSM cell phone that supports the 900 frequency. If you do not have your own international cell phone, we have several models available for your consideration. Please click here for more information.

Airtime Rates

Domestic calls

Domestic calling rates are charged per minute for outgoing calls within Belgium from your local prepaid Belgium SIM card while you are in Belgium. The default pricing plan for your Pay&Go prepaid Belgium SIM card is the Original, however we recommend switching to the Anytime plan. You may change calling plans free of charge up to three times a year, that year starts when you make the first call.

Pay&Go Original Plan

* Peak ** Off-peak SMS WAP
$0.49 / $0.73 $0.24 $0.14



* Peak time: 8am-7pm weekdays
** Off-peak times: 7pm-8am weekdays, weekends, holidays

Pay&Go Student Plan

* Peak Calls ** Off-peak Calls ** Off-Peak SMS WAP
$0.49 $0.24 $0.09



* Peak: 8am-4pm weekdays
** Off-peak: 4pm-8am weekdays, weekends and holidays

Pay&Go Anytime Plan

$0.35 $0.14



International calls

Placing international calls from your world cell phone has never been easier with your Pay&Go Belgium prepaid SIM card. All rates are listed and charged per minute for international outgoing calls from your Belgium prepaid SIM card while you are in Belgium.

  USA European Union, Switz. & Norway Australia Japan
Peak $1.03 $0.97 $1.63


Off-Peak $0.81 $0.73 $1.40 $1.40


Adding Airtime

As you use your Belgium SIM card, your balance will be used and you will need to purchase additional airtime through airtime vouchers. Pay&Go offers you three different reload cards to choose from: EUR 12.5 ($16 USD), EUR 25 ($32 USD) or EUR 50 ($64 USD). The card for EUR 50 gives you a free bonus of EUR 5.

  • Scratch the card to reveal a 13 digit code.
  • Enter the code #121* followed by the 13 digit reload code
  • Press [SEND]

The total of the voucher is automatically added your balance on your Belgium SIM card. These voucher cards are available at any Proximus or Belgacom retailer, at the Post Office, gas stations or at newsagents displaying the Pay&Go logo.

Service Life

Your Pay&Go Belgium prepaid SIM card is valid for a year. Every time you reload the SIM card with an airtime voucher, the 365 day counter is reset to zero and it’s once again valid for a full year.

If you don’t reload your SIM within 365 days, your Pay&Go prepaid Belgium SIM card will be deactivated and you will lose your Belgium phone number and any remaining airtime credit. To get connected again you will need to purchase a new SIM card.

To check the expiration date, dial #121# (which is also accessible from abroad), then press SEND. You will receive a text message containing your balance. This service is completely free!

Another way of checking the expiration date is to call 1711 from your GSM phone while in Belgium. Pay&Go will tell you of the amount of airtime credit that you have left, the remaining period for making calls and the last date for reloading your Pay&Go SIM card. Please note that unlike #121# this number cannot be called from abroad.


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